Performance Art

Performance art is essentially a performance presented to an audience with a fine are context but can also be interdisciplinary. A performance can be scripted or orchestrated or even spontaneous.

Performance art has had a role in avant-garde art throughout the 20th century, having essential roles in dadism and futurism. The main purpose of performance art is to challenge the traditional conventions of “art”. Most performance artists use their body to a great extent in performances.

Performance art is not bound by time but has to have an audience to which it is directed, without the presence of an audience it simply becomes a piece of art or a performance. For instance Nikhil Chopra, a Performance artist, documented himself creating art on the street, what made it a performance art was the audience that looked at him and had an interaction with his space while he created his sketch.

Nikhil Chopra is an artist that completely immerses himself in his act. Its almost always pre planned but not all of his performances are scripted. His character in the performance is extremely important and is not afraid to express his creativity in anyways going to the extent of being extremely comfortable stripping down in front of a camera or even an audience who has come to view during a performance.

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