Sri Sri Lanka

Galle Fort, Galle

Something as mundane, two dimensional and monotonous as a map is transformed into a series of artworks labeled Sri Sri Lanka. Different maps of Sri Lanka are layered with colour, doodling and painting to add a new depth, meaning and reference thereby creating a series of layered artworks and a beautiful display of certain aspects of Sri Lanka like its clothing and royal attire. This image is layered with ships and a warm colour palette. One can barely see the map at first glance that is overshadowed by the inclusion of the ship seen through it. One easily relates to a time of war with the imagery, the flags and war ships. There is an inclusion of mixed media that adds chaos to this painting, and parallel lines run across the paper that guide the eye of the viewer. Spaces are divided with media, imagery and repetition that allow the viewer to understand the artwork more clearly. A map is transformed from a mere aid to direction to a historical context.



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