Gaitonde ‘Untitled’ 1969

I find there are various perspectives to the painting.

One can imagine the painting to be a representation of  one single surface , which has been divided in three parts placed together. In this narrative, since there is single surface, the black strokes behave like the folds and planes in different directions.Thus, starting from top and going downward, this surface becomes smoother, and even,  as compared to the top part .It gives a feeling  of a  metallic sheet, with stains, if one adds materiality to it.

Another narrative being looking at the painting as  space itself , like vacuum. one metaphor  which can be used to analyse this is the astronomical space. From this metaphor one can view the black dark areas as concentrated clouds of dust and star matter, just like in space.There is a lot of concentration of ‘stardust’ in the top parts, but as one gradually moves downside, the space becomes pure vacuum, devoid of any matter.

Visually, the top area attracts the eye first, since there is a lot of confusion and chaos, but gradually there is a sense of calmness.

Gaitonde ‘Untitled’ 1962

The smudged black strokes gives a sense of blurring of objects, which happens at high speeds. It seems as if there are objects travelling from left to right at high speeds which colliding onto static floating objects on the left. The smudged strokes create a sense of movement and chaos in the viewers mind, in contrast to the calm white space in the background.

Painting No.4

The more thicker saturated white background gives a feeling of being restricted while the dark tones in the central area behave like an opening to a wider space.

The dark tones in the center creates a sense of a large vacuum, in contrast to the restrictive white background.

Disregarding the visual aspects, if one decides to look at the painting in terms of physical objects, the white background seems like a tunnel, which leads towards the opening , which is a dark foggy area with burning charred wooden poles.Also the white space and the saturated yellowish space seems to be a result of the light reflecting onto it of a fire burning behind the viewer.




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