Hybrid Spaces

Hybrid Spaces

Imaginary Space + Possibility of a new one


The imaginary space I have chosen to work with is the “magic tree” from the enchanted valley. The real space that I would possible create from this could be a humungous man built tree with the textures of a realistic one. The tree itself would be a theme park or an amusement park for kids as well as adults. This tree will be divided into a number of avenues. Each avenue will cover a different area form the book, with its characters prancing around hosting activities. One can come to our tree park to spend the day or stay in a hotel near by which offers express entry into the tree. From within, the tree is sectioned into avenues, floor-wise with six general avenues and one enchanted valley that will be situated on the topmost floor. This avenue is one without a permanent theme. It changes to something different and exciting every month.


Hybrid Space

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