Personal Interpretation of a Painting

Sri Sri Lanka


This painting particularly intrigues me because it is the map of Sri Lanka projected through a robe and a body. This is probably the body and clothing of the ruler of Sri Lanka at the given time since it has a headgear with a significant jewellery piece in the centre and a gem stone hanging at its side which means that the wearer is of high ranking and owns riches. It is always said that the ruler carries the pride of his country within him. According to me this painting is a depiction of just that in a literal sense. In the given space, you can visually see him being and wearing the countries pride, taking responsibility for it and showing-off his power all at the same time. What appears to be the face of this figure is an extension of the map probably relevant to what is on his mind- the places surrounding his area that he plans to conquer in the future. On the left shoulder, we see bloodstains and below the neck, we see blood dripping down which may be an indication of the soldiers that will sacrifice their lives to make true the vision of their leader. In his hand, we see a sword that may signify his urge to vanquish the others.


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