Space in artwork

AM Ai Weiwei bicycles Taiwan Absent TFAM 05

Forever Bicycles Ai Weiwei Toronto Canada


Chinese aritist Ai weiwei has exhibited his exhibition ‘Ai weiwei absent’ at various laces around the world, in Taipei, Toronto to name a few.  This impressive art installation in  Nathan Phillips, Toronto Square was formed by joining together 3,144 forever bicycles.Forever bicycles, a popular brand that has been mass-produced in China since the 1940s and gave many Chinese a sense of freedom and autonomy.Yong Jiu a major bicycle brand in China translates from Chinese to “forever” in English. Forever Bicycles is a spectacular looking piece of art, whose visual effects are staggering.This art piece symbolises society in a flux.

If one looks at the artwork from far, it seems as if spring shaped structures are moving towards the observer, in a constant axes, which are floating through space. Its only when  the observer moves closer , the observer notices the thin frames of the bicycles , holding the circular wheels together.

Space in between the structures here are of the utmost imporance, as its the symmetry in the placement of individual bicycles which gives it a grid like effect. The symmetry of the placement , that constant axis of placement of bicycles gives a feeling as if the bicycles have been extruded through an axis perpendicular to itself.

Another aspect of this artwork is the angle of  the observer. From the front , the artwork is very much distinctive and clear, but from an isometric view it loses its hollowness springy visulals, but doesnt lose its distinct geometrical spacing. Its like a 3 dimentional grid.





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