Sri Sri Lanka at TARQ


This art work brings about the old in with the new by marrying the idea of Maps and art as one being.

This art piece portrays the notions we have of Sri lanka through symbols and colours, the drawing of Hanuman would retell the tale of Ramayana by bringing the Sanjeevani plant with its mountain single handedly and his strength is even shown in the form he has been drawn with a muscular strong figure.

The image on the right part of the map looks like an elephant to me and that is something indians can relate with as elephants are quite known to us.

The idea of us being foreign to this place is almost the same as how foreigners see our land, they imagine it to be exotic and full of elephants and greenery.

The hexagonal shape also gives it another dimension and it ads an artistic feel to it rather than it just being a map of a location, the colours used as well are peaceful vibrant colours that deal with Sri lanka’s Past.


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