Ayneh (The mirror 1997)


Director : Jafar Panhai
Starring : Mina Mohommad Khani
Cinemaatography : Farzad Jadat
Country : Iran
Language : Persian

The movie was interesting because its actually a simple story of a little girl finding her way home. As it is said “Its the journey that matter and not the destination”. Interesting people she meet and their “grown up” world and conversation. the first four way crossing is interesting because all aged people are shown crossing from old to kid in a pram. Then her reaction to phone booth.A very small space and how she has to climb to access parts of it.  Her struggle to recall names which is also hovered by noisy surroundings.It is amazing how she remembered events to its details. This also reflects how sensitive kids are to visual space. She  perceive the entire thing as snapshots and kept asking people way to her home, street, avenue etc. There is a point in the movie when the crew gets separated from her when she meets ” wayne ” I thought that part was a very interesting shot because there was a complete disengagement between the two mediums. The bus also is a very interesting space because how she gets ignored even though her presence is very  much there in audience’s mind. A child being is always been told what to do, stay away from strangers, wait for parents and then suddenly to see a child taking control. Trying to navigate and understand her city, reach to a point of recognition and go home.


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