Sri Sri Lanka


This Artwork though looks chaotic at the first glance is very balanced and calm. It has many elements working for it at the same time. There is a map of Sri Lanka hybrid in the ship. This has an obvious connection to its history and conflict.This we can also know by recurring imagery of flags and grill and confinement effect in it.Also there is an acute connection that it is a port country. This dockyard also seems like an important landmark during the time. Important route for trade and commerce. The painting is bright and  giving it a texture and liveliness but very toned down. It gives it a busy effect and the colours are al  balanced. This also gives an indication of travel and discover. It brings us the story of destruction and birth. There are many small ships around keeping busy and giving us insight of transactions being done. The map maybe gives us direction to the port. It has this caged texture all over it which might be indicating its seperation and freedom.


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