Art in Spaces

Sculpting spaces with Light and Triangulations

 In trigonometry, triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points rather than measuring distances to the point directly.

New York based artist Anthony McCall has envisioned prominent structural ordinations that exploit the concept of concrete light overhauling heightened dark spaces ascending triangular hazes that conclusively manifest luminescent kinetic shapes on the ground.

His recent installation “Five minutes of pure sculpture” in Hamburg voyages the audiences to experience the thorough distress as well as harmony of light and its path of guidance through the space.

It emphases one’s attention towards the conductors of the convincing light piercing through the miniature holes very much like lasers expanding into great triangular postures with conclusive dynamic shapes guiding the eyes to track within the dark capacity and effortlessly help them stroll around the space using these luminescent kinetic lines as their path.

The ideology allows one to expand their imagination to construct various ambiances within the mind where such ecstatic light and the dark distresses together allow us to contemplate our thinking and present a composition of tranquility, making us consider the joy light offers to us in the darkest of times.

The statement such installations offer to spaces making one deem that “We should follow where the light is” and to take the path of light to discharge the darkness.


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