Hybrid Spaces


The path to Shangri-la is hidden within the peaks of Mount Un. Deep within its reach, beyond the white mists, lies a frozen lake with crystal clear water dispersing the sunlight onto the shore. A tree stands strong in the middle, its roots spreading deep into the frozen lake. A few red leaves cover the thick barks of this mammoth, barely hanging on against the wind. Drained out of my energy, I fell asleep on the warm exposed roots. I didn’t know I found it until I saw it. Huge gold bells lay across the lake, levitating on the surface. They were tied, chained to the ice. I could see them struggling to break loose. I failed to notice the sudden quietness of the wind, the muting of my footsteps. As I moved towards the bell ahead, I realised I was not alone. I could feel my fear, wrath and hate. I could sense the physical presence of my feelings. They were shadows of black, taking mystical ghostly forms, approaching closer to me with each step I took. The engravings on metal were becoming clear, it read ‘Shankar’. The second I touched the bell, I felt all my hate materialise through me, leaving me cold and lifeless. There, I hated myself for everything I had done. Filled with regret, I picked myself up after a few hours, barely able to move a muscle. I had to liberate the bell. My fear was taking a toll on me, growing more intense with time. It was the scariest blankness I had ever felt. I leaped on the chain and pulled it with all my strength. I could see my hate grow stronger, absorbing the colours of the environment, leaving only red behind. I knew I didn’t have much time. I gripped onto the chain, locked my feet on the ground and pulled hard. As my hate moved aggressively towards me, I felt the metal chain bend loose,  snapping out of the its own grip. DONG. DONG. The vibrations, as clear as the ripples on water, rose from the bell metal. Unstoppable and incorruptible, they soared through the skies, obliterating the darkness along its path. The skies were once again clear, Shangri-la lost within the inner abyss of self.






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