Sri Lanka at TARQ



Maps and Paintings are both distinctive interpretations to communicate information or perception more accurately by using visual traits that they both hold.

However would you consider maps to be art? Sri Lankan artist Pala Pothupitiye’s first solo Indian art exhibition in Mumbai would let its audiences consider that they are both facets of the a similar plateau, using art and geographical visuals to dwell the nation’s rich history and heritage the artist acknowledges the audience to question various political and geographical interpretations of the country’s conflicts.

This painting particularly indicates the map of the Mannar fort protracting various details such as longitude and latitude features of the location along with several occurrences that might have taken place across history within that place.

Sentiments such as power, religion, and exploration have all been exhausted within the painting, describing the nation’s vast involvement on various ordinations through time whether it is religious providing its context to the Ramayana or it is political with the country’s Sinhalese monarchs


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