The Ayneh ( Mirror) 1997

The movie is a 1997 Iranian movie that unfolds telling a tale about a little girl who carries her journey finding her way home. The movie begins in a similar fashion as to other child-focused movies: The school gets over and the little girl finds herself waiting for her mother to come pick her up, as it seems the mother hasn’t seem be have reached to collect her at the assumed time. Therefore the girl seems to take the matter of reaching home independently, forming the entire movie’s plot focused around the little girl and her simpleminded voyage to get back home.

The filming style concentrates on long duration stationary camera shots of the girl and her conversation with various people on her expedition, the film pans through diverse attention-grabbing shots glorifying a very simplistic movie with an outstanding approach to disappear the child within the crowd. Collecting a rather rational 1960’s approach to the film crafting all the scenes and give a more “real-life” intention. To furthermore attest his thought, half way through the film the audiences that are immensely engrossed to the narrative Jafar has offered to them, suddenly the young actress pulls of her costume looks straight into the camera and announces she doesn’t want to act anymore, hence smashing and altering the entire cinematography as the audiences are exposed to various bouncy handheld shots instead of wide panned clear 360 views. The colors turn dull, the film turns grainy and the shots are not in focus anymore. Soon the film yields back to its perfectly well crafted cinematography although this time around mina is often out of view grabbing random taxi’s leaving the views with various traffic concession shots. Seeing the mirror one has to question the direction of the film and the actual credibility of the actress’s rebellious behavior being genuine.

Director: Jafar Panhai
Starring: Mina Mohommad Khani
Cinematography: Farzad Jadat
Country: Iran
Language: Persian




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