V.S. Gaitonde


Untitled 1962

This painting uses oil pastels to create a charcoal finish, the black highlighted by the use of lighter background. The two colours are merged together in the painting by the use of shading. The abstract black strokes are finely done, the details clearly visible on a closer look. The precision almost matches that of a fine pen, with even thin strokes. The painting as a whole appears like a night in a sandstorm

Untitled 1969

This painting reminds me of old wooden doors, with a natural texture and black marks. The painting has a sky blue texture which well contrasts the chaos caused by the black. The black ends to horizontal strokes give the painting a certain depth and an antique look. The use of black in the center seems as though the painting was smudged by hand to enhance the finish quality.

Painting No.4 

Vasudeo Gaitonde has skillfully used the oil colours to form a fabric texture. The use of darker shades in the center causes a tunneling effect interesting the viewer. The vividness of the strokes give the feeling of a hazy night, with glowing fire posts. An alien patch of white space in the center focuses the viewer’s attention.


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