AYNEH/The Mirror 1997


The film follows a young girl, in first grade. The story begins with the school being finished and all the girls leaving for the day. This girl remains behind waiting for her mother. The girl doesn’t feel handicapped by her arm in a plaster and she accepts a ride on a scooter by a relative of a teacher to drop her off at the bus stop. Things of course don’t go easy for her. The use of space is interesting because it’s the cityscape. She goes up and down the same and different routes trying to leach on to whoever might help her while holding her independent side.Her journey takes a surprising turn when the young girl simply stops acting and decides to go home, she is not in character anymore but her problems are still the same, as she has to reach home.

Where the movie surprises and differs from what we are used to is when the fourth wall shatters unexpectedly half way through the film. We suddenly go into the present time space of the movie, the young girl stops speaking for a short moment and we hear the director’s voice giving her the instruction to not look at the camera. This is very unusual and at first we think this just might be a blooper, but this is what the “film” becomes then and its probably the reason we are studying it today.

It really puzzled me at first but I think it is such a powerful method. Whether this was really a whim of the young actress or actually scripted Is something that can definitely be put up for debate but the authenticity would be tough to act out. It seemed so real and in the moment and the fact that we knew it was her real journey in the present space of time was what kept us gripped all along. We travelled with her as she could remember vivid descriptions of the place she called home but no real names of the same. Even if it was scripted it was a genius idea. If it wasn’t it are not only great circumstances but great recover of the movie. I don’t really think it matters whether it was scripted or not and that’s not what I would judge the movie it just keeps us all the more perplexed throughout and we start empathizing with the character even more. Whether it’s Mina or the Little Girl, her path to find home is a trip in itself, the movie exploring once again the factor of human relations and how some people can be helpful and generous while others could look past a young girl as well.

The downfall of the movie according to most people would be that reality meant bad camera shots and not clear filming because the crew was in a bus following the little girl who was rushing against time riding around town to find her way home. Therefore we sometimes lose track of her, fortunately keeping in touch with Mina through her microphone, which also goes through issues. However the issue of the microphone still remains as to why she never removed it if she was truly done with the film. I’m no cynic here but just a skeptic rationalist. The movie has no great quotes, no great twists or a beautiful touching ending,It is simply a journey where the reality has been an Ayenah of   the fiction. I would actually think it to be better if we never knew whether it was all intended from the start, as I like the mystery. I like the fourth wall going down in this unanticipated manner.


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