State of Architecture

The State of Architecture exhibit is full fledged work on architecture in India at the NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art).

The goal of the exhibition is to stimulate discourses on the current state of architecture in India and the emergent models of practices since 1990.

Timelines were so perfectly shown with minimal yet strong graphics that clearly outlined the different layers of architecture that India had gone through and which people’s works were and still are celebrated round the world.

Books and magazines were showcased in glass cases and on the wall repectively in a systematic manner and the journey that architecture had made from the Marg Magazine which was quarterly to Domus that was monthly.

I also took keen notice to the design language that had changed with the magazine design from more artistic covers to extremely minimal covers with just angled photographs of different architectural spaces.

The Last level of the exhibition was the one that moved me not with its work but just the idea of it.It consisted of a facade on the walls which was made of paper cubes which were folded intricatly and moved as if they were lungs breathing in or out.

They employed different materials and technology, it felt as if the past and future were married together forming a strong framework, with paper as the facade and arduino as the technology moving them in and out.




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