I never knew that the State of Architecture could be something that could ever interest me, but walking to that exhibit I couldn’t help but want to be part of that culture of architecture. I kept having doubts in my head, some seemed silly some relevant. But to me the main and most important thing was that it got me thinking and that’s something only a successful exhibit can do. Get people thinking about something they might not be completely inclined towards. The space was organized beautifully. The ground level telling us about the statistics that helped in the research, the various books organized in a timeline talking about architecture and forming an archive, as well as the wall filled with magazines of architectures past. The books were kept in a glass enclosure organized as a timeline and giving that space that much importance keeping it enclosed. The magazines were a wall print showing the different kinds also through a different kind of timeline. It gave the wall a whole other dimension and forced our eyes towards it. While current architecture magazines remained under with the physical copies free for read. The 2nd level had some of the important public buildings organized through again another timeline we could walk through while some of the walls had highlighted buildings printed onto them giving us a sense of how important so many structures are in India. What also interested me a great deal are the walls and the typography being color coordinated and color blocked per level, it gave the space a welcoming feel to it and made it pleasing to look through. The specially designed furniture added an insane dimension to the space and something we couldn’t keep our eyes off. But what really stole my heart was the top floor. The wall made of paper folded cubes with information on buildings with the mechanism of opening and shutting was extraordinary. It added a somewhat humble yet oddly overpowering layer to this whole exhibit. I wanted to walk through that whole section innumerable times and just absorb that space in its entirety. What was even better was how it used the space it gave that feeling of being sucked into and cramped and it just consumed us completely.

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