The State of Architecture

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.19.01 pm

The exhibition takes you on a journey through time and spatial dimensions. The circular structure of the NGMA building spirals forward into time as one proceeds into the history of architecture in India, its influences, its causes and its consequences. The manner in which the exhibit was designed was fascinating and enthralling.

To me, the use of colour was the key element in bringing out the structure of the space. Red and yellow walls created a paradigm for the viewer to follow, and at the same time when one stopped to read and look, gave a stationary tactility. The space was designed in such a way to create boxes of thoughts, with a lot of reading material for one to read at their own pace creating a comfort zone for them. The way the exhibition escalated from wide open spaces to walk on the ground floor and slowly shifting to closer, enclosed zones as one moved forward was an interesting transformation. The most intriguing component of the exhibit to me was the origami wall on the third storey. The floor was constructed in a maze-like format, with little windows allowing one to peek from on side to the other.

Hundreds of paper cubes constructed in a way to create a labyrinth, and censors giving this structure life. The movement of people made these cubes cave into the space, reinforcing the concept of how strong a catalyst human presence becomes in collaboration with something as concrete as architecture. The walls of this floor were engulfed in text, raising questions between the relationship of architects, society and the lifestyle they’re making. The entire floor seems to be in a dialogue with the viewer at all levels, giving information, making them aware of their presence and by raising questions in their mind making the overall experience of ones journey through this space not only informative but also reflective.

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