Mahabharata Film Review- Peter Brook

The Mahabharata is an epic from Indian Mythology which portrays families and brothers and also the different phases and facts of life.

Peter Brook’s portrayal of this tale was interesting with relation to the characters that were not indian at all but showed diverse races in the mix.

It showed Human emotions in its rawest form.

Greed was shown blatantly when the dice game takes place between Shakuni and Yusdishthir,the man doesn’t stop when he knows he has lost his wealth, he even bets his brothers as object to be traded and then yet again bets on himself and even on his beloved wife who was supposed to belong to his other brothers as well.

The act of cursing and boons are taken rather seriously and Lives are changed due to certain actions.

One thing I found interesting in this film was that during the sexual acts, there was just people lying near each other and not engaging in a graphic act that most people relate with it,they somehow keep the indian mentality in mind as well,as ,sex is still considered taboo in this country and this would appeal to those senses, so it works in the time it was made for.

Indians may find it hard to relate to the movie as it doesn’t have its own countrymen in it and I think that acts as a disassociation.This is also because it is not just some tale , it is india’s most powerful tale.






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