Mahabharatha-Peter brook

Having read the story of Mahabharata before a lot of times, Peter brook’s version comes as a shock to the senses, maybe because I have had a fixed image of the characters and the environment   of the epic. The constant reinforcement of attributes of different characters for example Krishna, who has to have a peacock feather on his head, and has a darkish/ bluish skin tone and Arjun who is also of dark hue ,is completely broken down when one watches this version if the Mahabharata.

To be frank, the fact that a foreign cast is used for enacting characters who are thoroughly Indian, takes one by surprise . One takes time to get used to seeing great characters in the epic in the form of actors who dont have any Indian physical features. The cast comprises of all the races, caucasian, africans, mongoloids , but there are hardly any Indian actors, with a few exceptions.

The movie start with a boy moving amongst diyaas, and ends up meeting sage vyassa, who then asks for a  pen.The storytelling is constantly shifting between the present and the story of the epic. In one scene it was surprising to watch the chirpy  ganesha remove his mask  and go off to sleep.

This version though does expose one to one of the different adaptations of the epic .


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