The State of Architecture

The State of Architecture exhibition is organized under the co–curation of Rahul Mehrotra, Ranjit Hoskote and Kaiwan Mehta at the NGMA intended to exhibit the simulate revelations of the current state of architecture in India and the developing phases across time.

The exhibition itself emerges the emphasis of knowledge within its audiences weather they may be architects, students of a creative agenda or a communal individual.

It inculcates a vast agenda of contemporary artwork of architecture along with various conscious questions of curiosity within the young minds of learning with a conscientious effort of relatable context such as info graphics, installations, picture walls and mappings. Various installations inculcate a balance of employment for the viewers to allow them through the guidance of the exhibition itself, for instance the various cube structures installed the to the left of the colossal hallway mimicries cells and the morphs of formation to deformation with the fluidity of character within small images attached with the same cellular guides.

Additionally, the setting of ambient as well as accent lighting instills ideas of the focal curiosity of generic designs over-modulating the genuine structures of architectures.

Mapping various thoughts and practices in a particular space The State of architecture has employed different medias of form and digitization to correspond their philosophies adeptly .


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