Lakeer is a visually graphic film by Shruti Mahajan. The version, which we saw, was without words/ subtitles with minimal background music, leaving much open to personal interpretation. The film comprises of three short parts. The first titled ‘Border’ starts with the artist drawing out the map of India. A dotted line is drawn within the charcoal outline showing the border between India and China. The second part titled ‘Making’ shows the artist cutting and shaping strips of paper to form what is recognized on maps as the railway line. This according to me is suggestive of the divisions within India. The country was first made one to function unanimously and subsequently split into many parts for reasons opposing. Though we come across as a united country, we choose to put up invisible fences within our own edges, disrupting unity within the same. This brings us to the third phase titled ‘Dividing’. In this part, the artist first cuts out the map of India as is globally accepted and then goes on to shred it into pieces at random. In my opinion, this is the stage where he openly expresses his disappointment towards division for power. From a country we strip ourselves to states, cities and regions…. Are we still one or are we many smaller segments, a result of broken oneness?

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