Lakeer by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

The film enunciates the philosophy of the Indian partition, and how it affected various individuals inversely. The movie begins highlighting to a drawing of the Indian map, rather roughly than accurately with immense force observed on the charcoal pencil used to make the map. The artist simultaneously is yelling and howling as he continues to crudely map the entire Indian border along the paper. Illustrating the sufferings and agony he has stroked through his life due to the partition. Towards the finish of his drawing he also charts a dotted line across the Pakistan acquired Kashmir ground, displaying the context of his outline with the division of the state and his discomfort through the numerous cries that shell throughout the drawing.

Furthermore, he progresses to cutting pieces of paper resembling a barbed wire that pour prominence to the harsh raw border created between the two countries Indian and Pakistan with similar barb wires dividing the two nations from each other.

As the movie resumes further the poet is slicing the Indian map shrewdly and aggressively cutting the edges of the map, allowing the viewer to see how the unthought-of division of the two nations has affected the people to feel in the literal sense of the video. The countless ache that has surfaced though the heart of the poet and how this visual depiction has allowed us to feel similarly has truly acquired well throughout the video.


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