Lakeer by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

The 5 min Poetic film, where the headings are written in Urdu and the film is divided into 3 headings, they are:

  1. Drawing… where a hand is covered with elastic gloves sketching the top part of India and the war music is been played with shoulders are screaming and then he make one dotted extra line in between Kashmir and Muslim people screaming their religious slogan “Nareeh Takbeer Allahuakbar, Nareeh Resalat Ya Rasulallah” and getting happy at the end when line is done.
  2. Making … the same hands cutting paper made barb wires with scissors on top of the map where in the back ground you can hear making and the sound of cutting barb wires.
  3. Dividing….. here the hand is cutting and separating top part of India where he cuts till Kashmir and then he cuts the top part of Kashmir and in anger he make lots of pieces of rest of the Indian map.

This makes me think he is from Pakistan and planning to separate part of Kashmir and not bothering about rest of the India by the way he cuts rest of the Indian map!



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