This video is divided between 3 parts that signify certain motions.


This motion revolves around the drawing of the India Map with charcoal which is a rather crude material and the person draws a rough yet sharp lines border of the map and the sound on the background is about hoards of people screaming and wailing and they sound like Battle/War Cries to signify the torment that both the sides i.e. Pakistan and India faced while the partition took place.

Armies are involved for wars separating countries and nations, and their implications remain to this day and they reverberate within every human today even if they were not directly involved with the incident in question.The lines,while drawing were crude and not smooth they could be a sign of the distraught feeling in the person while this happened.


This portion of the film had the person cutting up railway lines of sorts and paper to signify the borders created.

I found it rather interesting how the black part of the paper was cut out and the white strips to use as the border, as it so poetically shows how the white piece of the border are the British who have created these boundaries within our nation of India and we are the darker part of the paper that were constantly looked down upon and not considered.


This part involved the person cutting into a map of india along the Pakistan Border and in a rather haphazard manner and not exactly along the line as to show that many parts of the country are still under both nations or to signify that it was an abrupt decision to partition these portions.

In the next part , the person cuts rashly and scarily at the paper that was of Pakistan so as to signify the abrupt uprooting of religions,people communities without any prior warning,people had to leave their homes and livelihoods behind all in one single night and thus creating uproar within the whole nation of Pakistan.

Black and white could have been used to show the past and how it is still causing us harm even in the present day.



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