Lakeer_based on Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poem

The entire film gave ma gist maybe of the process but I think that they are trying to bring question that is partition that easy and simple as cutting it out of paper which has a printed nation map. Does it only is the division of land physically without any consequences and effect. I think they are trying to bring forth the consequences and actions that cannot be repelled and redone. Almost like it is a one way street and hence once a paper is cut it is done. Cannot put it back together.

A border is being constructed with charcoal what seem to be a map. It essentially of India, but we are also given a hint that it then becomes border to other nations. It is a shared line between other nations. How the decision is taken to divide a physical space, what are the determinants, who gets what and is the person getting it, ever satisfied with their portion ? These questions I thought were raised when those specific dotted line were made for line of control. Control, power, greed all has come together in those dotted lines hence, an Indian map without it is incomplete.
A  sense of celebration has been created through the background. There is religious cry  that gives it a twisted sense of purpose and how  the line made on paper is giving purpose to their fight or their fight have paid off. It is almost hinting the community involved or was in favour of it.

The second part where the paper lines being cut to maybe mark the separation more prominently. It is establishing more concrete boundary almost like a wall that is about to be build. There is map in the background which is enhancing the entire situation. The scissor cutting sound is echoing and being predominant which I think is has a lot of meanings attached to it.

Paper cutting the border line between India and Pakistan in the Indian map that existed during British rule. It also indicative in some sense about the involvement of Britishers in this action. How we were divided into little pieces further and further. Division done on the basis of “different” caste, creed and religion which is assumed to be predominant to human nature. Also it is being cut with a scissor shows the casual approach  to the entire aspect of being “divided”.


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