The artist in the first step is shown to be drawing a border, which resembles the northern part of India. The idea  that anyone can draw a order questions the fact that on what basis were these imaginary borders drawn. History and politics aside, if one dwells on the fact that the border was decided by a human being , it brings about the fact that the current actual border is just one of the possibilities of the many borders which instead could have been the reality.

In the next step the artist is shown cutting strips of paper which looked like fences . The fences bring about the idea of  a barricade , or a forbidden land where one is not allowed to , or shouldn’t enter. It can   also signify class difference , for example castles or rich mansions typically have higher and stronger fences than those smaller less financilally affluent households.Fences are the means to enforce the borders.

The third step the artist is seen cutting a map along the border of India. Another perspective of looking at this activity is the division and rift the partition created between India and pakistan . the process of cutting itself symbolises destruction or division.


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