Lakheer is a short film depicting the pain and hardship of the partition of the state of Punjab forming Pakistan. The video starts off with a charcoal outline of Kashmir and a dotted line dividing it, which signifies the splitting of Kashmir into Indian and pakistani territory. The second part of the video depicts the cementing of the partion and shows a border being formed between India and Pakistan, as the artist cuts strips of paper in the shape of barbed wire, which signifies breaking of all ties with India, and formation of a new country.

The last part of the video depicts the harshness of the process and the after effects of the partition, It starts off with the artist cutting the map of India, as he cuts across the border between India and Pakistan, the action of cutting gradually becomes violent and chaotic , which reflects the situation during the time of the partition, at the absolute end of the video he is seen cutting the map of India into strips, which is trying to show the effects the partition has had of the peace of Indian citizens, and how the splitting of a state had affected the country as a whole.


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