The border

“Borders are the scars of history”


We see borders everywhere be it in terms of religion, spaces, social status, family, friends, caste and between countries. But the most troublesome of this whole idea of borders is that Borders exist more than in actuality in the minds of most people. The form of “Dividing people” is the fundamental of a border. What we see through the short film is without any form of narration or a voiceover of some sort, is a pretty self-explanatory range of visuals. The visuals are only in black and white and mostly consist of the process of making the border and how randomly it is drawn. It shows us that there was no real meaning behind drawing the borders; can a border be that frivolous that It can be drawn by anyone? The second half of the movie proceeds to the cutting of a map. The repeated cutting of state after state shows how small our country is becoming because of this constant battle of what is under which territory. Who decides these borders? Who differentiates? WHY do people differentiate? These are a lot of questions that lie in my mind after seeing this film. The film however has strong visuals and through just five short minutes manages to convey a message pretty clearly. A quote I read recently related to this intrigued me quite a bit.


“A border is an imaginary line between two states, separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of another

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