The Lakeer – Shruti Mahajan

The Lakeer is a short five minute film that is divided into three chapters. The first chapter shows the artist creating an outline of the India’s map how it is now with the dotted POK and a background sound of the military marching at the border, which almost celebrates and respects the division created by the border. The second chapter is ‘the making’, in which the artist is shown cutting a template of what looks like tracks, indicating the deciding of the division. Finally, in the third chapter the artist cuts India’s map from the pre-colonial era and further divides the map into random pieces .

According to me this film is almost like a story of India told in reverse. From the cutting of the India’s map into multiple parts indicating the various levels of division that laid within the country, which then lead to creating the borders, to how India is today. I think through this film Shruti Mahajan has created spaces through divisions and borders that perpetually leads us to conceiving a larger space than what it actually depicts.


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