Film review – Iyneh

The film Iyneh, made in 1997 is an Iranian film directed by Jafar Panahi, about a little girl trying to find her way home from school. As I first started to watch the film, I had a terrible scare as to what is going to happen to this little child with a broken hand that is left outside school.From the first scene, my expectation of the film was very different from what it unravelled into.
The intensity of the first scene, where the viewer is made to feel very bad somehow dies down as the film progresses. The role of the absent character is what one longs to see in the first half of the film, who is the little girls mother, which leads the viewer into believing the plot goes beyond the girls journey home from school.
All of a sudden the original intent of the film is lost as the girl suddenly decides she does not want to act in the film anymore. It goes from a film with a plot to actually becoming a live documentary of the little girls behaviour.
The film takes a rapid turn where it goes from a scripted story to following the real emotions of an actor. The breaking of the fourth wall is an interesting change where the story moves from her looking for her mother, to actually wanting to run away from this fake scenario she is made to be a part of.
The film follows a clear time lapse with the constant sound of a live football match going on in the background. The first half of the film where the girl is determined on finding her house she moves around spaces based on what they look like and not by their names, emphasising the child like quality she has despite her independence of trying to find her way home.
In this turn of events we see the directors intent also changing in the film. He no longer wants to proceed with his version of the story but prefers to go ahead with hers.


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