Indian Art

VS Gaitonde – paintings and process
The Guggenheim retrospective
The long work with the hues of blues has lightness emerging from the bottom. The sides of the bottom of the work forms a very two dimensional space, which comes together in the centre almost forming a three dimensional form. There seems to be a greater depth in the centre of the work. It depicts a very serine surrounding. I find that it could look like a body of water, if placed flat on the ground within a space. This idea that it could be a body of water gives the work a very calming feeling.
The second work could be placed in an empty space, completing it with a sense of serenity. If it were to be placed within a tight space, I find it would add a lot of depth to it with a gradual layering.
This painting looks at space from a complete distance. The band of the black is the life to the painting. The small scale figures at a distance look busy, they seem to be caught up in the blurriness of the black. The light shadows at the top and bottom are the calming elements that move into a lightness of the space.

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