Lakeer by Faiz Ahemd

The Indian subcontinent has a variety of cultures and beliefs throughout with different religions coexisting in the same mass of land. There is no distinct cultural boundary that segregates people, but a gradient that is unique to the region. What would be the impact of defining a nation boundary over the existing natural boundaries of land?

The video Lakeer by Faiz Ahmed Faiz talks about the partition of the Indian subcontinent. The first step of a partition is to define a nation’s boundary. Who decides the shape of the country to come? Is it drawn out with different forms, the best to be selected by a tiny council? How does this imaginary line then manifest into a clear distinction of power and space?

Faiz Ahmed uses a pair of scissors to split the map of the Indian subcontinent, showing how the people at the border face the downsides. The partition system is ever lasting, with quarrels over pieces of lands lasting over centuries. This short video boldly expresses the ever lasting effects of partition of the Indian subcontinent.


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