Peter Brooks Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is a classic Indian folklore with several different versions as it was a narration based story and never written down as one definite novel. There have been several various ways the story has been told depending on who and where the story is being told. With its vast identity, there have also been several adaptations.
Peter Brooks, based in France has made an adaptation of the Mahabharata. Brooks not coming from any sort of Indian origin has taken the story and made it into a movie. He’s con temporised the story to a certain extent but I feel like he could have pushed it further in another direction.
He has made an adaptation of the story using Western actors and English as a means of communication. He hasn’t changed the version of a story to adapt it to something that is contemporary. This is one way in which he could have enhanced the film.
The other thing I found missing in the film was the idea of using Western actors and an English script but not stretching it to its full potential of being translated well, and putting up a show with more extravagant costumes.
I found that he has created the movie in a very direct and relatable manner, almost as though the characters could be in your living room as you watch it. I found the acting was very exaggerated in terms of speech but not taken too far in terms of location and costume.
I found the film not powerful enough and not doing justice to a great epic like the Mahabharata.


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