Space and Art

The role art plays in a space is something that is very transformational. A space is something one not only feels from a visual sense, but is a collection of all the senses. This includes the smell of the space, the tactile – of how one feels emotionally within a space. The impact sound has within a space.
Art has the power to evoke all these senses and enhance a space in a certain way. For instance if one is at a gallery space observing visual art, while it is something one looks at, there is also a great amount of sensors that play with it. Art can transform the mood and feeling of a space.
A space is powered by what it consists of, an empty space brings out a sense of silence which is not felt through the sensory of hearing but more through the feeling and the visual. Art also has the power to change the scale of a space. This could be done through exaggeration of a sculpture or through the means of making one really intricately look into something.
The physical interaction one has with art is also a define point for how one feels within a space with art. This is though how much one is able to engage with the art.
However sometimes in a museum, it is the space that is able to have more of an impact on a viewer than the art. Depending on ones perception, there is always the thin line differentiating people. This is based on their biases of what they prefer to be surrounded by.


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