Contested Spaces

Contested spaces are usually thought of as disputed spaces. I think of them as spaces without boundaries. The inhabitants of that space, merciless with the constant fight of power over them.

Contested Spaces are created everywhere whether intentionally or unintentionally. A big example of a contested space is Kashmir, with India and Pakistan both fighting to gain the land, govern the country. What is it that makes it a contested space then? Is it the fact that the people are severely affected, the fact that there’s the Indian and Pakistani military at every corner with loaded guns or is it the mere fact that the people begin to live in fear? According to me, it tends to be an amalgamation of everything. A clash of cultures, a restriction of movement and the fear of being trampled upon by the contesting countries.

 On a smaller scale we can look at contested spaces as a mere argument amongst two classes for a classroom or studio or the dispute arising from a first come first serve seat in a movie theatre. These are relatively calmer situation with ongoing daily routines. 

Contested spaces largely are fought over due to greed. Nothing can ever be enough, clearly demonstrated through the heart breaking Kashmir situation and other such examples like that all over the world. Organisations have come in to solve such disputes but mostly to no avail. Greed has no end. Contested spaces continue to emerge. 

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