Contested Spaces

A contested spaces is an area in which two or more entities are in dispute over. I find that it comes with a sense of need or greed to encroach upon another space. My opinion on the issue of contested spaces fluctuates as per the situation.
I believe a space inhabited by slum dwellers in a city like Bombay cannot be seen as a contested space. These are people that come from villages from all over India, some that have even been there for generations. Most of the inhabitants that live in these slums are the backbone of the city. Therefore its not a fair statement to make that they don’t belong in the space just in spirit of development.
When there are SRA projects that give rise to new housing for the inhabitants of the slum, they are made to live in a space with poor ventilation, lack of natural light and a lifestyle they are not used to. I do believe the government land they inhabit cannot be taken away from them.
The way I look at an agricultural land as a contested space is very different. These lands are inhabited by farmers that live with a very low income, suddenly exposing them to heaps of money as a bribe to get away from their space for industrial use. It is a way in which an entire farming culture is abolished through this.
There is a very thin line in the issue of contested spaces. It is the blurry border that causes these issues at a small scale, and sometimes at the scale of Countries.

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