Lakeer without Poem

This short video work by Shruti Mahajan, poetically and very artistically makes the viewer feel the force borders and partitions have on us. The video uses uses graphic elements of maps and is in a monochrome colour scheme of only black and white without distractions making the viewer see the situation for what it is.
The film has been inspired by the poem Lakeer. This poem talks about the division of the Indian subcontinent. This is looking at the idea of the boundary, or the simply the line of division. This line is further taken forward in the mindsets of people and the boundaries of their beliefs. The film inspired by this poem is divided into three parts.
This part of the film, draws over an existing map. Taking the line in at some points, further out at some points and even intersecting with the existing line. Questioning who really is creating this line of division and how can it be so precise? The line is drawn in thick black charcoal drawn with great force across the page. There is no precision in the way the outline of the map is drawn and seems to be done in a way where the mind is following the simple motion of the hand. The background sound to this is applause and cheering, as though it is some kind of celebration. This sends out a very morbid signal as the visual quality depicts something very dark in comparison to this cheer.
This part of the video uses a technique of showing a process of working on something very skilfully. she’s cutting out what looks like train tracks or more so even the border that would be this line that has been drawn between the divided country. This making is a process shown in a very artistic craft kind of way as though is something beautiful being made that has been documented. Once again here, the peacefulness of just watching her make this is lost by the harsh colour of the black.
Through this sequence one sees the scissor angrily moving through an existing map with great force cutting through the borders all over. The motion of the siccor is not following the line of the map but moving across various directions inside and outside of the map. In a way this symbolises that the division is not so clear. The division of the map does not move in one direction but cuts all over. This brutal cutting cutis into one space and another. This emphasises the first part of the video as to who has created these borders and are they even right?


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