Shells – The Poetics of space

Through this chapter we see how the shell is perceived in so many different ways. The shell is so hard and so clear but most times it is difficult to understand it. After examining the shell world, imagination is defeated by reality. It is spoken of how the formation is mysterious and not the form. A quote from this chapter continues to intrigue me; “One must live to build ones house and not build ones house to live in”. What intrigues me is the continuous debate of the shell. How they are inhabited or uninhabited and how someone can live inside a shell. Can the shell be a code for all the safety and comfort zones we move into when we feel danger or the fear of the unknown? I guess philosophy leaves it all open to interpretation. How does something big come out from something so small? Why have we never thought of it before. A creature however never fully comes out from the shell. Thats what is so contradictory the part that comes out vs the part thats on the inside. Do we ever show our whole self? Is there always some part of us thats always inside a shell? However the voice in this chapter suddenly changes. It is the fear of the unknown. Is what is inside a shell scarier and more dreaded or is it something to be pitied? A quote from this essay caught my eye immediately. “Wolves in shell are crueler than stray ones” Through this essay you get to see different perspectives at the insignificant things and thats what makes it so much more interesting. It is also spoken about how the shell becomes incapable of moving when the part that gives it life leaves. What is also talked about is how snails build their house in the shell and thus wherever they are, they’re always at home. And how the shell gives a space to be withdrawn and in full and deep secret away from everything. we get to experience and perceive something so small and sometimes what seems insignificant in so many different ways.

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