Spaces in Indian Art

1. This abstract painting by V.S. Gaitonde seems to have been split into 3 having different shades of blue. It gives me a sense of emptiness but also vast. The black on the blue canvas gives it depth and also a little harsh. The entire canvas in blue makes me instantly draw parallels with the ocean and the black makes it seem stormy.

2. The black across the beige paper seems to move in one direction from the left to the right with the black spreading into the neigh giving the impression of a fast pacing movement. The movement in the artwork is constricts to the upper half, playing with the whole concept of negative and positive space.

3. Blue and brownish beige gives me a very somber feeling. Visually the space on the canvas is divided into two with a horizontal patch of blue in the middle extending to the width of the canvas. However the colors are very earthen giving me the feeling that this is a tribal depiction. The black, red and yellow in the blue look almost like people, making me feel like this is a scene from a tribal area.

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