The Poetics of Space (1994) by Bachelard Gaston

In this book Gaston talks about phenomenology of spaces, focusing mainly on the house, it’s interior spaces and it’s outdoor context. According to Gaston poetics is a constant theme to the idea of space and metaphor is often used to describe our relationship with this space. He believes that image comes before thought and therefore he looks at the phenomenology of soul and not the mind.

In the first chapter Bachelard suggests that all closely inhabited spaces have a notion of ‘home.’ The house is seen as a protective maternal figure in which daydreaming is sheltered, dreamers are protected and provides peace to dream. It is also a shelter in which we store out treasures from previous years. Bachelard explores the psychology of houses, for example a door knob is used to close and open doors, as is a key, however the key is seen by people as something which is more often used to close and the door knob more often used to open.

Through this chapter Bachelard has given, a house, A very tangible thing and intangible feeling. Through this text he shows us how the house is not just a physical basic necessity but it goes way beyond that. It is a basic necessity for a soul to evolve and survive.


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