Contested Spaces

“A platform intended to promote debate urgent social and political questions, across conceptual and disciplinary boundaries”

So let us focus of the definition of contested spaces, the word itself suggests that it is the competitive dispute between two or more individuals with different interventions or understanding regarding the topics.

Lets take an example, The new widely interventional breakthrough of virtual reality also known as immersive multimedia, is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction. Although this is a contemporary discovery in technology as well as art stripping oneself from the real world’s sensory as well as attentive spaces could be critical. One could say they even contest the idea of using the same natural space provided to be experience more physically and replaced by virtually a more visual and auditory assertion.

Creation of immersive worlds beyond the recognition and control of the human self and its incorporation to our daily lives was rather more entertainment based until the invention of VR technology questioned boundaries and speculated the true sense of how we operate our lives. We have always been transformed into various spaces to aid the experience of entertainment and heighten it however possible, for example a movie theatre and a 3D movie experience, entails the viewer to reimagine the space the a new dimension, now imagine the same experience being brought to life with the agenda of sole everyday experience and reality. Stripped to their simplest elements, the earliest digitization consisted of little more than contested spaces, as the technology enhances the concept of creating multiple contestant space virtually as opposed to reality seem to an endless extend. How one would eventually seem to debate if these spaces are well valid as real as the physical ones, and how to declare and define their current spaces with incorporation of these new extraordinary additions, will it hold our historic, social and phycological importance to be equivalent as the digital one.

Although it is still a space in a reality, which is highly virtual soon, the existence of many essential attributes of daily being and living would be virtual too, so are we compensating our lives and presence to be counterweighed by a technology driven intricate consistency of these virtual spaces?



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