Contested Spaces

One  of the most contested spaces according to me is the space of sexuality. It could be either in our minds or the minds of society as a whole. But what I would like to talk about is how we contest about our sexuality within ourselves. How do you know who you truly are? We have to figure it out. But how do you figure something like this out when you live in a society where you are scrutinized and judged based on every single move you make. I personally luckily am sure of my sexuality but saw a very close friend of mine go through this. To be put into a box where one doesn’t know what one is supposed to be and is confused but everyone around is trying to figure it out and put labels on that person. HOW can one win that contest? Where do the lines blur. Does one look at what is right or does one feel and go after that feeling. It is a constant battle with your thoughts and feelings. Those of us who have it figured out, were the lucky bunch. We do not know what this contest is like. IS there even a win? A world filled with so much judgment and expectation how does one be who he/she is openly and is the world even liberal enough and is a person even strong enough to dare figure his sexuality? I think the contest itself is the win. Because at least that means one has dared to feel and is battling to find his true sexuality and who he really is. That itself is a big win.


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