A State of Architecture

A state of architecture is a three month long exhibition held at the NGMA. It begins by questioning the importance of architecture in India and presents the state of contemporary architecture with a larger historic overview since independence. Architect and academic Rahul Mehrotra, poet and cultural theorist Ranjit Hoskote and the editor of Domus magazine, Kaiwan Mehta, curate it collaboratively.

The focus of this project is post independence architecture with a special emphasis on the last twenty years. As one walks into the exhibit, he/she is welcomed with a burst of bright colors such as red and yellow. On the ground floor is an array of info-graphs giving away the statistics of architects, growth of architecture schools, the place and changing value of architects in the industry, etc. the number of women architects has also been given emphasis with a separate chart which brings up a topic for discussion. There is a wall dedicated to the covers of magazines showing a change in subject of topics over the years.

As you move up to the first floor, you will see an array of buildings/ structures that are different from the usual. Pictures of such buildings from all over the country are framed and play hide and seek among the pillars that section the area. The floor above was the most fascinating with walls that respond to movement. They have sensors in them that track human motion and move inwards and outwards themselves. This was really impressive and learning that they were built with the help of student volunteers made the experience even more memorable.


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