Ayneh, 1997

Ayneh is a 1997 Iranian film directed by Jafar Panahi, about a girl trying to find her way home. This film concentrates on time, repetition and the visual memory of a place. In the first half of the movie, a girl is who is finding her way home from school is shown and the film takes a whole new turn when the girl, as an actor decides to stop acting for the film, but the cameras never stop rolling and the team decides to follow her, finding her way home from where they were shooting. The film Ayneh, meaning mirror shows two stories following the same storyline of a girl and her encounters. While watching the movie, our whole sense of space and time shifts between when she knew she was acting and when she knew she wasn’t. The film is talking about the film and the process of making films, that in it becomes the character of the film. The film continues even when the film within film stopped. In the film it was interesting to see how the girl’s attitude changes and how she becomes more confident in her journey when she is angry and is herself. Even though the film had stopped, the film’s storyline continued and the stories of the people around the girl kept coming in.

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