Spaces the paintings play with

  • Untitled 1969
  • This is a very modern contemporary style of art. The painting and the colour palette gives off a very gloomy feel to it. It has visual section created by textures.
  • Untitled, 1962
  • This painting is very distinctly divided into two sections. These sections are created by the greyish black strokes in the top section of the painting. It looks like water colour through the fluidity and the stability of the strokes at the same time. For me, Gaitonde has just tried to show a mood that is abstract and open for the viewers interpretations.
  • Painting No.4, 1962
  • This painting, also like the others, has very distinct sections that merge into one another. The black strokes in the middle are very similar to the previous painting but look more isolated but also more defined by the bright yellow and red strokes. The black space left in the middle of the canvas draws all your attention when you first look at it. The whole painting again has a very unsettling feel to it with the colour palette of dark beige, brown, greyish blue and black.



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