Alone / Together: A Musical Experience

Food for thought: When we wear headphones, we instantly isolate ourselves from our surroundings, but is music a social activity, anyway?

What does this mean for private / public spaces, and the idea of being alone or in a social situation? Read and let me know what you think?


Ayneh (The Mirror)

Today’s class slipped into Tehran, following a little girl on her journey home. The film, Ayneh (The Mirror) by Jafer Panahi, opens up the conversation on cinema, cityscapes, the ideas of space in our mind and the cinematic experience too.

Following the conversation, everyone has to write a short review of the film, working with the idea of space within the film.

More reading on Ayneh:

Museums and Accessibility

Today’s class was a guest lecture by museum professional, Poulomi Das. Poulomi was recently a fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum, researching accessibility in museums. Through the morning, she unpacked the term accessibility, and discussed the various ways in which it is approached and implemented. She also looked at the term inclusive and explored the various levels of inclusivity.

Sharing insights from her work in the UK, and in India, chiefly with the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, in Bombay and the Bihar Museum in Patna, Poulomi led the discussion on museum spaces, their role in society and the intervention of designers.

The class, in groups of four must by next week submit a small research proposal, to look at access for a particular disability and ways in which the spaces can be made inclusive socially and culturally.

Spaces in Indian Art

The discussion began with the ideas of “Indian” dealing with identity, the nature of representation, and finally how does the world see “us” and how we want the world to be seen.

In class, we’ve written short notes on the following images:

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Class Notes 1

The first class of the semester opened with examining the ideas of space, and how it is constructed. The discussion recapped the learnings of the semesters past, examining the text discussed, from Invisible Cities, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Alice in Wonderland, Heart of Darkness and texts like In Praise of Shadows. The class shared their ideas on spaces, while they worked with their thesis projects.

The class laid out the road map for the semester and discussed learning outcomes, projects and the scope of the course.

For their first assignment, students were asked to create a merged space, fusing an “imagined” space from a film, novel or game with a real one. The results, as you can see from the blog were entertaining (to say the least!).