Sense of Sight: Assignment 1


Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.07.28 pm

At first glance, trying to filter through all the pre conceived knowledge, it seems like a jail toilet

where the man has to confine his living within one room.!

This illustration is by one of my most favourite artist’s, Federico Babina. Federico Babina does

interesting combinations of illustrations, creatively perceiving the works of famous architects in

different contexts. In this case his collection is known as ARCHLIFE through which Babina links

famous personas in spaces that are authentic to the styles of famous architects. !

This image in particular is known as Hithcock Le Corbusier. The central figure in this picture is

presumed to be Alfred Hitchcock in the process of shaving his scarce beard. The static brick like

side walls and almost dichromatic colour scheme maintains a sense of simplicity and yet

suspense. There is also great use of light and shadows throwing hints at us about the bird that

represents hitchcock and the reflection of him in the mirror, which really looks like the shadow or

silhouette of someone. There is also a boundary blur of what really exists and what has been

silhouetted by the light. The most interesting however is the suicidal rope suspended from the rod

of the shower curtain! More interestingly, this image is a view from the outside of a window and still

so distinct and informative. It’s interesting that Babina tried to portray this closeness and sense of

entrapment through an open window. !

                                                                                       In praise of Light


This image is a detailed photograph of one of my first models in the Interior Design Studio. The

image is extremely powerful and informative of the intentions of the models as it displays a strong

sense of reflection of light. To throw light on this focus, the material is kept constant and the colour

is kept monotone. One can read into this model through the corrugated step formation that tapers

in from the side profile of the model which creates an extremely interesting view. This view limits

the eye to only parts of what is going on inside and no vision of a clear end, hence can be

perceived to be an endless and repetitive space with several steps. !

There is a quality of flaring and tapering creating different spatial experiences. However these

experiences would be very different without shadows that are represented by the grey zones in the