Sense of Sound: Music Video

The eternal question still lays ringing in all our minds. Are we really safe in the world we live in? I am a girl, I am a boy, I am a human. Each human irrespective of gender, caste, sex, status is left vulnerable when it comes to sexual assault. It’s a trauma, which leaves a person scarred in a massive manner forever. Our music video is somewhat a social statement against sexual assault. The video emphasizes on the fact that any individual can be dangerous and any individual can be in danger. We have shown no direct contact between the women who molests the man through her mere demeanor and mannerisms and the rest is left to imagination. Body language is key in this video to show how much discomfort a mere glare can put someone in. The condescending stare of the woman towards the man shows that she already has it all planned in her mind. She fears nothing and he fears it all. The rewind at the end of the video puts you in a state of confusion. Was the woman really there? What really happened? Does SHE exist? The eeriness of the music we created seemed to go well with this story and therefore we used this platform of a music video to send out a social message that we strongly believe in.

No matter how powerful, man or woman can be violated and made extremely vulnerable in a matter of sexual assault. This is something that should be left engraved in each individuals mind.

NO he didn’t want it.

YES someone should believe him.

I didn’t LET this happen to me.

YES I am a man.


Music is a sound we consciously create. It becomes a pattern that triggers something in each of us and makes us feel an emotion. I don’t have the most deep connect with music, or I didn’t rather. But now music has started having a larger impact upon me. There are certain songs that are my go to emotional support songs and there are those that I listen to that just make me happy. However I don’t enjoy every genre of music. I’m a safe listener, I don’t experiment. That’s also why probably this essay is harder for me to write than I can imagine.


When thinking of Goa and the music festivals that goes on there the first thing that comes to mind is psychedelic music. This type of music is heard in attempts to enhance the experiences of psychedelic drugs. In the 70’s and 80’s there was an emergence of the hippie ideology in Goa. People started consuming Marijuana and LSD as an alternative source of consciousness. Goan trance was immensely popular and the precursor to psychedelic music in goa. The goal of trance music was to make bodies move in completely different ways and experience a certain sense of euphoria.

The last music festival that I went to was Sunburn, Mumbai. There were DJ’s like Krewella playing but it was a concert that I thoroughly didn’t enjoy. I don’t know whether It has to do with the fact that I deeply despise trance music as a whole or whether we have outgrown concerts. I guess it has to do with various factors by and large. For me I miss the whole point of psychedelic music because I don’t do drugs or have never tried them before. Sometimes to me it feels like just loud sounds put together to pass off as music. Being drunk at a trance music concert could get me through it but what if that phase has passed too? What if I just cannot do EDM, the baby of trance.

The festival more than anything was extremely crowded which was the first and most putting off out of many things. This huge ground at Turf Club, Mahalaxmi was overworked with frenzied fans high on drugs and alcohol enjoying the concert like it was their first and last. They seemed to get the music and seemed to really enjoy it and get into it. While for me my high from alcohol seemed to have vanished within the first 30 minutes of the concert. I couldn’t do it. Looking at all the people brushing up against each other and push to go more ahead was sickening. I realized that you needed some sort of agent to help you enjoy these things and alcohol wasn’t worthy enough of one. I want to enjoy a concert high on some drug for experimentation one day but that one, I just did not enjoy. Towards the middle of the concert on reaching the bathroom my friend Jhanvi and I looked at each other expectantly and at the same time decided to make a run for it. We left the concert sneakily with bubbling laughter on the outside but I know both of us worried the same thing. Were we too old for this or have we finally realized that without an external agent we just couldn’t enjoy EDM.

A few years ago my friends and I travelled to Pune for a David Guetta Concert. We were excited out of our minds. The ambiance was completely different. It was a massive crowd but in a massive ground. The crowd didn’t match up to the place, which made a huge difference. It gave us breathing space. The entire day we eagerly awaited Guettas arrival. He is one of the best Dj’s in the world. I wasn’t even high at that concert. Not even on alcohol. When the main act arrived, I don’t know what it was, but from start to finish I didn’t stop dancing even for a minute. I enjoyed every moment of his concert. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that most of his songs had lyrics and lyrics are important to me and are what help me relate to a song. Without lyrics most songs are just noise to me. I clung to every word of David Guettas playlist. I scream my heart out and enjoyed like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know what that music did to me but without any external force I was completely euphoric. I went on tall boys backs, danced with my girls and all in all had a great time. There was even a surprise performance by AKON in the end. I think what made the concert enjoyable was the ambiance being not too crowded and heated. But mainly knowing most of the songs and the songs having words.

I don’t know whether I will ever enjoy an EDM Concert again. I think this proves the point that this type of psychedelic music relies heavily on having external catalysts speed up the process of reaching that state of euphoria that makes such music enjoyable and actually become music to the ears. I know one day I want to experience it but I know I’m not ready.

Film and Sound Techniques.



We so rarely are able to make a connect of a particular sound with its source. At any point of time there are infinite sounds ringing around us but we filter and hear the ones that appeal to us, without always knowing of its origin. I can never watch a movie on mute. For me in a movie the sound is equally as important as the visuals. Even in a “silent” film the use of sound is so crucial that it has to cover up for a lack of dialogue. Therefore we see that even a silent film isn’t really “silent”. So what is a film without sound?

In a room with various visuals and sounds it is always easier to pin point the visual than the sound. Too many sounds can blend and merge into one dimension. However the way sounds are used in movies for its infinite dimensions is utter brilliance. The three films that I will talk about correlating them to the use of sound in each are Troy, Mama Mia and Dil Se.

Starting with Mama Mia. Although television and film are greatly visual mediums, sound is also needed to create an extra feature to the visuals and to enhance the world on screen. What is it without its songs? Without the tireless voices of ABBA still echoing in our ears. The movie functions because of its grooving and painstakingly beautiful music. The characters each reveal themselves with the songs they sing. This musical is one of my absolute favorites. We got to know the nature of the older three girls Donna, Rosie and Tanya or the three younger ones Sophie, Lisa and Ali they all express their sentiments through music. We get to know of Tanya’s flirty nature or of Donna’s complexities and struggle between choosing her love and the father of her child after her frivolous and eventful summer all those years ago. We get to know of Sophie’s determined urge to get to know who her father really is and of her feelings towards her mother or to the man she is about to spend her life with. It is important to get to know each character personally and the songs in this movie are exactly what help with the development of each character. It’s a film that would not function without its music and sound and make it the vibrant film that it is so legendarily known to be. The use of silence and sound is done so superbly in this film it is almost brilliant. No one song is unnecessary. Each help in the progression of the movie. The sounds of the ocean and the quietness of the place they live in are also shown through those various sounds. It seems like they’re the only ones on that island, the way each voice echoes so clearly. The splash of the waves or the cry of the mother each sound is paid so much attention to.

When I think of an action and historic film like Troy firstly the thought that pops into my mind is that how can any action film even be shot without sound? What’s the bomb blasting without its sound? What’s swords clashing and blood falling without sound? What’s the sound of a Trojan horse of deceit without sound? What’s war without the sound of death ringing on our ears? In the movie Troy Based on the Grecian story of war ignited by love between Paris, Prince of Troy, and Helen, Queen of Sparta, Troy is a film which will surely raise the bar another notch.  Epic films tend to be accompanied by soundtracks that include either forgettable pop songs or an exclusively forgettable score; Wolfgang Petersen’s Greek popcorn flick Troy has both. The music that accompanies Achilles and Hector through their many trials and misfortunes is predictably similar to that of Gladiator. Incorporating Middle Eastern female vocalists into enthralling string cues and thunderous beating over endless action sequences. However in a war film its important that the use of combat and the sound of the intensity of the battle also comes across in an avid manner. If the voices overlapped at points during conversations it would become tough for the viewer to understand the context of conversation. In such films to cast actors with different and distinct voices is also extremely important because without a visual of a person it is very difficult to understand where the voice is coming from. Voice-overs may also be occurring in the film, which makes it hard to relate a voice. Each sword clashing is crucial to the film. The cries of vain during war, the bloodshed, the loss, the struggle without the sound none of these would be possible to be expressed. Gestures in this case would not be enough.

I had to include a Bollywood movie and what better than a movie that failed to captivate me except its extraordinary music, Dil Se. This is a movie where the element of sound is directly correlated to that of music. Right from the first scene in the train where the catchy song of “Chaiiya Chaiiya” leaves you murmuring its tunes, you know that this is a movie of some great music. The music really captures the mood of the movie to a large extent and is the saving grace of the romance between the actors according to me. Be it “Jiya Jale”or “Aye Ajnabi” the songs are so enthralling that you see the characters differently only because of the impact the song has on us as an audience. The beauty of the lyrics and the simplicity of the instruments and music just captivate the audience to such a large extent and for those scenes the audience fails to remove their eyes from the screen at all. The lyrics of “Aye Ajnabi” become such a core and signature component of the film that according to me without the introduction off that song the romance could be close to dead. This is another film that might have been dead without its music. The dimensions created through music and sound in this movie is unbelievable. The climax of the movie comes towards the end when the two protagonists hug and die together with the bomb blasting. We can always question as to what impact that might have made on the audience if there was no sound. The sound created a dimension and layer, which left that deafening sound banging on our eardrums.

Thus we see through these various examples how the use of sound is so significant in every genre of movies world over. How films cannot function without the music and sound. So can a film really truly be called a silent film? I think not. Our sense of sound thus seems to play an extremely large role in our understanding of films.

Sense of Sound: Line of the Dead







I’m walking slowly towards the shining light, but everyone else is way ahead of me.

I need to speed up, catch up to the others.

I’m taking bigger strides now, at pace with some.

But I need to be more hasty, this is not enough.

I’m running now, ahead of everyone else.

The light is moving faster than me. I need to get it, achieve it, have it.

It’s racing me now, I’m getting at par with it.

I can almost touch it now! Just three steps more!

One, two……

Riya Ranka


The eerie thumping goes on and on, louder and louder,

Like the hands of death commemorating your impending faith. 

To a passerby it might sound ordinary, just a beat, 

but he knows too well the sound of defeat. 

Slowly metamorphosing into a jarring beep, 

That was almost making him weep, 

The melancholy ringing loud and clear,

Now it was near. 

Despite all odds, he harboured hope 

That this pace would stay on, 

 And give hims another chance to make it right,

Even if he just had mown the lawn. 

But you know what they say about hope, 

It’s a dirty word and even dirtier feeling.

A few incessant, quick beeps went past, 

that finished him at last. 

Jhanvi Lathia

Walking DEAD.

We walk a monotonous walk each day, with stress crawling and creeping into our bodies. She becomes a parasite, unwilling to leave. She feeds on us and grows on us. We stress about stress before there’s even stress-to-stress about. We all become these robots who succumb to this leech, this outright monster. In this corporate ruling life, we are all walking dead.

The continuous beeping of our lifeline rings in my ears each day. It’s a constant reminder that there is so much left to do and such a behemoth life yet to live. We are all so small and yet so insignificant in this behemoth world. Instead of letting this corporate life with its sidekick stress rule us, we should be out there experiencing life. We should be living not merely existing. Not robots. We aren’t an invention we are the real deal.

That constant beep is still in my ear. Sometimes its fast, sometimes its slow. But it is always loud, even when it is soft. I can’t just exist and walk on. I need to live. I need to live while it is still beeping. I need to live before the beep stops beeping. I need to live before I reach that flat line. It’s a scary road, this life that they call it. It’s alone and it’s eerie. There are footsteps walking along with me. Everyday I remind myself it isn’t over yet, there’s so much yet to come. I cannot be walking dead.

Ananya Thakkar


There is calm elegance, a fragile, unreal, and above all else a beauty that seems to bring these statues to life. The Chola Bronze statue that I have chosen is part of the MET museum collection.

This affectionate sculpture in all its hardness still depicts so much compassion and love of maternal fondness. It shows Krishna as a child who is being nursed by his adoptive mother Yashodha. Krishna the lord who was born a god was kept hidden in his infant years from the evil king and yashodha was entrusted with this beautiful being. Even though its just a sculpture what is interesting to me is the posture with which the two characters are articulated. The mother with all her firmness is holding on to and feeding her child and the child in all his innocence is being nursed.

But according to me what the sculpture doesn’t suggest to us on immediate glance is who actually is in the sculpture. Would I be able to comprehend who was depicted in the chola bronze without the written aid? Probably not. This is because of various factors, which has nothing to do with the choice of characters. The medium being a constant prevents the use of color, which would often help indicate a god from a common man. While the subtle intricacy is on point there seems to be a failure of the real indication of any sort of detail to prove the identity of the two. The fullness of the breasts however emphasize on the maternal nurturing.

By means of the facial expressions, the gestures and the overall body posture and once put into context we can imagine the surroundings and the religious context of that time. However for me there seems to be a little missing element of complete indication of the characters in the sculpture but the mysterious also works for me.

DT7387 (1)



When I first thought about the movie after watching it, the thought crossed my mind that when someone first thinks of it, it’s a seemingly minor plot. The usual story of a man and woman that move into the same cramped apartment building. They slowly realize their particular partners are having an affair and this aids in them developing their own hesitant romance. This made me think of life’s fundamentals. It’s a film about so many emotions. The obvious being love; but also betrayal, loss, missed opportunities, memory, the cruelty of time and loneliness.

The thing that struck me the most about this movie was the immense beauty that radiates from it. It was almost like the beauty of the dynamic lead couple distracted you from the reality of the movie and the plot completely. For me beauty actually managed to be a theme for this movie. Maggie Cheung the lead actress in her figure hugging dresses, each of magnificent colors and prints that yet linger in my mind. The lead actors Tom Ford suits added to his slick look. I couldn’t take my eyes off. Their presence on the screen was enthralling and captured our complete attention without doubt. It was a treat for our eyes.

It is a beautiful film but for me it was not so much about telling a story as creating an atmosphere. The atmosphere of the 60’s, the Striking cinematography, brilliant soundtrack, each of these details gave it an aesthetic pleasure.

The dresses in the film, I counted were 21. Maggie’s dresses left a chain of thought in my mind. Each print was more beautiful than the other and each dress emphasized her fragile beauty. The colors were all earthy colors. The print or color of the dress either matched with something in the room or completely contrasted it as per my observation. The dresses would sometimes match with the smallest details in the room. However the entire enigma of her beauty also has to do with her hair and her entire look. Her hair being up adds to her image. Towards the end of the movie when her hair is changed she stops being so enigmatic, like the romance ends and so does the enigma. The dresses were known as cheongsams.

I find it extremely confusing and bizarre how cleverly the film is really told. It is so moving and enchanting that the idea of an affair is so subtly told and the emotions of the people facing the betrayal is what’s shown instead of the affair itself. The camera seems to lurk in every space, almost spying on Chow and Su Li-Zhen as they seek comfort with each other living so alone in a lonely city. The use of music is brilliant. The repeated cello, which follows the couple around the rainy streets. The whole idea of going out to get noodles while so glamorously shown has never been so sad.

The lead pairs relationship is so wonderfully vague. They keep mentioning that “We’ll never be like them” so the fact that their relationship isn’t taken further could have a great deal to do with the fact that they needed to prove their spouses were below them and they could never stoop to that level. But on some level it also seems like each of the characters is waiting for the other to act. The heartbreaking last scene leaves us knowing that the two never got together and their choices continuously kept them apart.

In the finale where Chow whispers his unnoticed regrets and feelings into a stone hollow at a ruined temple complex, before sealing them inside with mud, could be strange and melodramatic but however it somehow passes of as heartbreaking.–film/movie-fashion-in-the-mood-for-love

Sense of sight: 2

IMG_1940 (1)


 The first sunset in an awfully long time that kept me gawking for longer than I can remember. It had every color almost perfectly positioned in the skyline. The color pallet was a 100% on point. Going effortlessly from the dark shades of pink and blue to the softer tones of orange, yellow and peach this skyline was staring at us in the face with its marvelous beauty. I didn’t know such beauty could exist in one skyline. The Haji Ali mosque in all its beauty sits dreamily as though in the heart of the sea and sky blackened in this image, the starkness in the midst of all the color. This I am proud to say is my point of view every single day. The colors during sunset change daily, the mannerisms of the sky change daily but this image is eternally stuck in my mind. Staring outside my window I felt infinite. It seemed like the sky, the clouds, the mosque and the sea all had their own story to tell but for this one moment, in this imprisonment, they came together. As one scenery they lay still. They were unmoved, unaffected and unaware of what their beauty had done to us for those few minutes.

sense of sight: 1.

IMG_5480 (1)

“Anorexia is a disease not a fashion statement.”

Children, teenagers and adults are starving all over the world, not cause of poverty, diseases or calamities, but because of vanity. The thoughts about our exterior, our weight, our make-up and our clothes fill our head until it hurts. We would rather bleed, perish and shrink than eat an extra calorie, and if this doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what will. Because of the increasing statistics of this problem, I decided to make a garment that shows us the gruesome and horrific nature of Anorexia. Anorexia is a disease where you purposefully retain all nutrition and food from your body in order to fit into someone else’s idea of ‘beauty’. For me this is an extremely pressing issue. We all have problems that are personal but I think its time we open our minds and hearts to those problems that move beyond us and affect the society we live in at large. I made my garment also to focus on the modeling world and how anorexia should mostly be abstained from in that world more than any other. Anorexia is a disease not a fashion statement. ZERO is not a size. In becoming this invisible size through this horrific eating disorder people start looking less like humans and more like sketches. People we need to remember. “YOU ARE NOT A SKETCH” stop trying to look like one.

The materials that are used were lycra in different thicknesses and thick wire. The gestalt principle that is used is symmetry this is shown through symmetry in color and that of the rib cage as well. The design principle I had used is that of symbology because my entire garment depends on my rib cage symbolizing anorexia and it’s various repercussions. I hope this garment gives each individual a chance to look in the mirror, and for gods sake EAT THAT PIZZA.