Five Senses: Installation

The Mango Projectimage1

The memory we choose to recreate evoking all the senses is the everlasting memory of summer. When we first thought of creating this season, we thought of re-creating something intrinsic to the summers we have experienced in the past. We use nostalgia of our warm childhood summers filled with the vibrant and delicious essence of the mango.

Apart from the scorching heat, the arrival of hay-filled crates in our house, is the biggest memory we all seem to have about this season. In order to recreate the memory we first thought of creating an art installation with this iconic fruit. We would instil the different texture, taste and smell of the mangoes in a minimalistic fashion. However instead of being too obvious, we then changed our idea and decided to create the memory of summer without the fruit. With the use of crates, we plant certain memories in each one; each crate focussing on different sense, yet not isolating  smell and visuals in any.

Group Members: Jhanvi, Riya, Janemajay, Vaibhavi, Manah, Khyati.

Sense of Sound: Final Music Video


The eternal question still lays ringing in all our minds. Are we really safe in the world we live in? I am a girl, I am a boy, I am a human. Each human irrespective of gender, caste, sex, status is left vulnerable when it comes to sexual assault. Our music video is a social statement against sexual assault. The video emphasizes on the fact that any individual can be dangerous and any individual can be in danger.

Go watch it now:

Sense of Sound: Music Video

The eternal question still lays ringing in all our minds. Are we really safe in the world we live in? I am a girl, I am a boy, I am a human. Each human irrespective of gender, caste, sex, status is left vulnerable when it comes to sexual assault. It’s a trauma, which leaves a person scarred in a massive manner forever. Our music video is somewhat a social statement against sexual assault. The video emphasizes on the fact that any individual can be dangerous and any individual can be in danger. We have shown no direct contact between the women who molests the man through her mere demeanor and mannerisms and the rest is left to imagination. Body language is key in this video to show how much discomfort a mere glare can put someone in. The condescending stare of the woman towards the man shows that she already has it all planned in her mind. She fears nothing and he fears it all. The rewind at the end of the video puts you in a state of confusion. Was the woman really there? What really happened? Does SHE exist? The eeriness of the music we created seemed to go well with this story and therefore we used this platform of a music video to send out a social message that we strongly believe in.

No matter how powerful, man or woman can be violated and made extremely vulnerable in a matter of sexual assault. This is something that should be left engraved in each individuals mind.

NO he didn’t want it.

YES someone should believe him.

I didn’t LET this happen to me.

YES I am a man.

Sense of Sound: Assignment 2

Sense of Sound: Trance Music 

Sunburn, the festival of lights, sounds, fluorescent paint and non-stop dancing is synonymous with Goa. The EDM, Electronic Dance Music genre flourishes here with the people in Goa, creating an atmosphere everyone wants to be part of. For those few days, time ceases to exist and everyone on the beach together breaks out into dance while exploring alternative states of consciousness.  This genre of music started with the Hippie movement, as a reaction to end war and exploitation. They formed counter cultures from where non-conformity and rebellion were expressed in these electronic beats. However this music wasn’t only limited to Goa, and soon spread out all over the country. Sunburn in Goa, is the most sought out festival all year for people in India, however there are few concerts organised in Bombay as well. Every year Sunburn now has three-four concerts with world-famous EDM Dj’s performing here in Mumbai, on different dates and venues. And for one second don’t even think that they aren’t as packed and energetic as Sunburn, Goa itself.

I had gone for a Sunburn festival in Bombay at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse. It was held in summer and was prominent featuring artists like Krewlla. This music festival was huge and was advertised all over. It had all splashes of neon colour and alcohol flowing everywhere. As soon as we entered the concert we were overwhelmed by the amount of people there. It was a frenzy where the music was as buzzed as the audience. We entered late, as it began at 6, so coming in at 7 we couldn’t breathe or even hear ourselves think. The lit-up stage in the middle had the Dj’s pumping their tunes while all over people were swaying away. My friends and I couldn’t push through the crowd at all, after about moving five steps ahead we gave up. There were bars on all the other sides, with people who where running to and fro. No one wanted to miss the performance, as if you could with the blaring sound system. This day almost everyone I met was either drunk, high or even both. The fact that my friends and I decided to go sober for this concert, was a huge mistake.

We were standing dancing to electronic beats and looking around. And by dancing I mean shuffling our feet from side to side, thats about it. We would turn our heads to see the neon fluorescent lights shinning back right at us, the exciting light and paint that creates the perfect atmosphere for this kind of genre was failing to elicit a reaction from me today. I think I was the only one wishing that I could be some other place right now, because everyone seemed to be absorbed the the Dj and her console. For a long time, trance music just played on and on. The beats for me getting worse by the second. More electronic, robot like, losing any resemblance to my idea of music. For a brief second, my favourite few songs played, and my hopes were raised. However within a few moments, it all came crashing down, because those songs were so mixed with some trance tune that I could barely recognise them at all. However no one near me seemed to car that this music sounded like a drone, they all were in their own states having a out of body experience.

That’s what annoyed me the most, I just couldn’t seem to have fun, no matter how hard I tried. Maybe it was the fact that this wasn’t my favourite genre of maybe it was the fact that I was completely in my senses. I had not one drop of alcohol in me, a stark contrast to the rest of the audience there. However I began wondering, if a consumption of any sort of drug or liquor was part of this whole sensation. Did it make the music better or the experience more memorable? Did that experience help make these machine like sounds, that I refuse to call music melodious and enjoyable?

After a while, when I couldn’t take it anymore, my friends and I left for dinner at Olive. Eating edamame and sitting with a soft hum of our conversation was probably the best part of my night.

However the next day, everyone I spoke to loved the concert, and this baffled me even more. I just couldn’t understand why. However this phenomenon of trance and EDM in Bombay, is just slowly growing. The number of concerts day by day are increasing, Steve Aoki, Swedish House Mafia, Blaster Jacks, Afrojack and so many other artists have concerts here and each being a sell out. Trance music in India has tapped out so much money from all over, where people go to have a experience they wont forget, or more honestly won’t remember.

At each concert the crowd starts from 15 years and goes on. However the younger you are, the more concerts you go to. It’s a phase I think, where you want to experience music, visuals and the environment. I remember my first music festival at Pune. I went to see David Guetta live and I didn’t stop dancing. I was barely fifteen and I was completely in my senses, however I yet had the time of my life. I was moving to each beat, the lights were criss-crossing around us, while the mood was live and upbeat. There were florescent bands on our hand, and blinding lights all over the place. We were shouting, screaming and moving. We had never had more fun. The entire experience just made us want to move and forget everything else going on in our lives. He could have been playing anything and we would have had the time of our lives.

The EDM and trance music festivals are created in a way to gain a response from the crowd. It’s almost like music that is created for the people and that’s why I think it is such a sensation. The music is mechanical, created on sound systems and mixers. It is music that is mixed and created according to what the crown likes at that point. It has no one distinct sound or rhythm, it changes with time and artist. That’s what everyone likes, the versatility of this genre and the pleasing nature of the experience. Everyone who goes for a concert knows its so much about the place, the people and the mood. It is music generated from various sounds and with it’s changing nature it appeals to a wide crowd. Old songs, new songs are all fitted into this genre, with a little altering everyone is dancing to the beat.

I think however maybe the likes and appeal of trance is a phase for some people. After some time you can’t enjoy those beats, though many would disagree. It yet is a sensation and will live on for very long. I can’t deny how great the atmosphere of the concerts of this music genre is. It is something one should experience once in their lives, to realise the strength of music one has over people. It is lyrical, lit up stage for people to completely lose themselves, where the music never stops.

Film & Sound Techniques 


‘Father and Daughter’ by Michael Dudok de Wit


Harry Potter Series

Films are highly visual representations of life and art that are heightened by the surrounding sound. Sound is something very interesting that can make a sad, happy, scary or even romantic. Sound is essential in setting the mood and atmosphere of the visual created before your eyes. Just as pictures are exciting, sound also has that effect on people. Whether they are mundane or extraordinary sounds, they all do something to the viewer and extract from them various reactions. Mostly all movies use a plethora of sounds that speak to us and create certain emotions.

The Intimacy of Sound is a focus on acoustic close ups, where normal sounds which are lost in day to day life are heightened to create a certain reaction. During the day we hear millions of sounds but we barely pick up any. We pick up the loudest or the ones we want too. Even if we hear the everyday sounds, we very rarely consciously pick them up, because of how busy we are. However in movies, we are forced to listen to these sounds, because like a close up, the sound director is making us focus on this sound to manifest a certain awareness or reaction within us. The sound like even a buzzing of a bee, something we would oversee can be made out very loud to make a certain point. So therefore these sounds with low effects create a emotional and intellectual link with the audience.

Such an example is seen in a short animated film, ‘Father and Daughter’ by Michael Dudok de Wit. This is a short, heart-breaking film about the relationship between a father and daughter. In the movie it shows how a father leaves his daughter and doesn’t come back. The daughter day after day, year after year keeps coming back to the hill he left from hoping to see him. At the end we realise that he had killed himself. This entire movie has a soundtrack that changes and moulds itself according to the mood. However the intimate sounds are the more interesting component. They make the movie more tangible and easier to connect too. Despite the beautiful violin music playing thought out, the sound director has also highlighted some everyday sounds at different parts of the movie.

For example the sound of the cycle plays often to highlight the last journey of the father and daughter together. The sound of the cycle is heard again later to show the audience the end number of times, the daughter has taken this route to come back to hope for her fathers return.

Another sound, is he sound of the waves and the sea. This sound that is distinctly heard symbolises the final separation of the two. It is loud and then almost dies down as the moment passes us by. The rustling of the leaves shows us how even in the harshest of weathers, she doesn’t lose hope. It also signifies the passage of time, to show how she keeps coming back, season after season. At the end of the movie, we can hear a chirping of birds then later accompanied by soft music. The birds symbolise the fact that she will now be free of the hope she is harbouring, because it is a climatic moment, where she will know the truth about what happened to her father. Also we see that she too has died to be reunited with her father.

Thus in this movie we do see how music is important, but sounds also have a effect on the audience and create  a very strong emotional connection.

Sound Cannot be Isolated, in movies sound is crucial, however it is impossible to hear only one sound. If there is a scene of people eating at the restaurant, their conversation isn’t the only sound you hear. There are sounds of the band playing, waiters, people, music and much more. Therefore no sound is truly isolated. Even if the activity is not in the frame of the film, we yet hear various sounds. The entire acoustic environment is displayed within the movie, even there is just a close up shot.

In the movie Birdman, and many others this can be seen. The Birdman is a movie that is shot about a actor trying to re live his fame. He is shooting a broadway show where he hopes he is remembered. The only thing he fears is oblivion. The entire movie, is shot in a way, where there seem to be no cuts. In the movie, there is often no isolated sound in various scenes. In the scene of the terrace where Emma Stone and Edward Norton are talking, you can hear their conversation, but with that you can hear the buzz of New York City. We get a feeling that we are on the terrace of a broadway theatre by the other noises in the surroundings, like the traffic, people talking, cameras clicking and so on. Also while they are shooting or acting on stage we hear other shuffled noises of the background stage, the people gasping, clapping, then objects moving, which makes the scene seem like it’s a broadway show on the stage.  Also when they are performing and the camera frame only shows the broadway stage we also know whats happening in the audience because of the other sounds you can hear.

Another technique is sound explaining pictures, this is when a picture or an emotion on the face of the actor explains the sound. So for example the sound of a siren is playing, and you see a thief’s scared face, and you then identify the sound. This happens all over in movies, but I want to look at the Harry Potter Series. This happens very often in these movies. In these various movies, when Sirius is crying and Harry takes in his tears we see how he has been wronged throughout by wants on the frame. Then when Dumbledore is killed we realise that he is by the expression on Harry’s face. We realise what is happening because of the expression on everyone else’s face. Also whenever we hear the hissing of Nagini we know it is symbolic of Voldemort. We also hear the scream from Harry when his head hearts which is symbolic of Vodermort.

Therefore we see how sound in fact enhances movies to a large extent.

Sense of Sound: Line of the Dead







I’m walking slowly towards the shining light, but everyone else is way ahead of me.

I need to speed up, catch up to the others.

I’m taking bigger strides now, at pace with some.

But I need to be more hasty, this is not enough.

I’m running now, ahead of everyone else.

The light is moving faster than me. I need to get it, achieve it, have it.

It’s racing me now, I’m getting at par with it.

I can almost touch it now! Just three steps more!

One, two……

Riya Ranka


The eerie thumping goes on and on, louder and louder,

Like the hands of death commemorating your impending faith. 

To a passerby it might sound ordinary, just a beat, 

but he knows too well the sound of defeat. 

Slowly metamorphosing into a jarring beep, 

That was almost making him weep, 

The melancholy ringing loud and clear,

Now it was near. 

Despite all odds, he harboured hope 

That this pace would stay on, 

 And give hims another chance to make it right,

Even if he just had mown the lawn. 

But you know what they say about hope, 

It’s a dirty word and even dirtier feeling.

A few incessant, quick beeps went past, 

that finished him at last. 

Jhanvi Lathia

Walking DEAD.

We walk a monotonous walk each day, with stress crawling and creeping into our bodies. She becomes a parasite, unwilling to leave. She feeds on us and grows on us. We stress about stress before there’s even stress-to-stress about. We all become these robots who succumb to this leech, this outright monster. In this corporate ruling life, we are all walking dead.

The continuous beeping of our lifeline rings in my ears each day. It’s a constant reminder that there is so much left to do and such a behemoth life yet to live. We are all so small and yet so insignificant in this behemoth world. Instead of letting this corporate life with its sidekick stress rule us, we should be out there experiencing life. We should be living not merely existing. Not robots. We aren’t an invention we are the real deal.

That constant beep is still in my ear. Sometimes its fast, sometimes its slow. But it is always loud, even when it is soft. I can’t just exist and walk on. I need to live. I need to live while it is still beeping. I need to live before the beep stops beeping. I need to live before I reach that flat line. It’s a scary road, this life that they call it. It’s alone and it’s eerie. There are footsteps walking along with me. Everyday I remind myself it isn’t over yet, there’s so much yet to come. I cannot be walking dead.

Ananya Thakkar

The Visual & The Sacred


Chola Bronze: Parvati, India, Tamil Nadu; Chola period (880-1279), early 11th century

Copper alloy, H. 35 in. (88.9 cm)

The Chola’s ruled most of South India, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Indonesian Islands from the 9th to the 13th century. They celebrated art, poetry, drama and music. However they were best known for the bronzes that were made for a plethora of temples. During the 10th century because of a paradigm shift in religious beliefs, the deities were also supposed to take part in public activities like the humans, thus these sculptures were made to be carried outside. The large, beautiful, bronze structures were crafted with round lugs and holes at the bases so that they could be moved around. The sculptures came to life as they were carried around in processions, rituals and festivals. These bronzes were made with a lost wax technique.

This sculpture is one of Parvati, Shiva’s wife, and daughter of the Himalayan Mountains. She stands in a pose known as the triple bend; tribhangna, where the head and lower body are in one direction and the lower part in another. She seems to be holding something in one hand and has adopted a graceful posture. Almost like she is dancing. This idol, and almost all Chola’s are crafted in such a way that they are sensual but not erotic. She is beautiful created in a way to evoke a religious sentiment. She is standing on a lotus flower with her curved body. She has a thin waist and accentuated hips and breasts. She is bending her leg forward with her voluptuous hips. What I find interesting about this is that it is sensual yet somewhat pleasant.

This goddess represents an ideal beauty of the time she was created in, because goddess are made in the most exquisite way possible. The other thing I find interesting about this structure is how despite looking graceful and soft this idol looks powerful as well. She seems like a strong confident goddess, poised and graceful. There seems to be a stillness and movement to this idol, which is seen by the dance movement she is standing in. Even though most Chola bronzes seem to be overly sensual, this idol seems to yet have a certain innocence to it. The sensuality is almost seems subtle, and something you seem to see later. The first ting that hits you when you see this idol, is the graceful, dancer like structure and position.


Sacred Ritual: Anastenaria: Fire Walking Festival, The Burning Saints.

“You are in a sublime state of ecstasy as the glowing coals lay before you. But, will you walk across? When Saint Constantine calls you to become a firewalker – you answer – at least if you are one of the Anastenaria.”

The Patrons of St. Helen and St. Constantine are honoured and respected in the town of Agia, Eleni in Northern Greece and in Bulgaria. They are celebrated through the festival of Anastenaria, which is practised twice a year on the feast days of Saint Constantine (May 21) and Saint Athanasius (January 18). This two part ritual urges men to walk across  burning hot embers while the drums are beating with a icon in their hands.

This ritual circles around icons that worshippers believe have the power to purify, protect, cure and and heal. However many view the ritual as sacrilege. This festival ages back to the legend where some worshipers saved the icons from the burning church and remained unharmed. In the memory of this grave debt, the worshippers perform these rituals to pay back to this ancient icons. Every year generations and generations of Orthodox Christian worshippers cross hot fire paths to show their devout belief. They carry the icons in the fire, and many believe that why it is pagan. People also believe that’s worship belongs to the time when we worshipped the sun and the moon, and not saints.

When these ritual starts, at sunset a bonfire is lit. In the shrine folk songs are sung and played and people are dancing and praying. Then they go out and stand near the lit path. They carry the icons and start crossing the fire, first from north to south, then east to west, creating a cross. One by one everyone follows. The walk the burning hot embers once and once again until the fire is extinguished. They believe that their faith and belief protects them from the dangerous licking flames of the ferocious fire. It is said they enter a god like state where they feel no pain. The saints have taken over their body. This festival is a grand way of honouring and showing reverence to the gods that protected their people.


Film Review: In the Mood For Love

In the Mood for Love

This movie with it’s lush colours, close-ups, costumes and cinematography remind me not of a beautiful love story but of a melancholic one. The movie focuses on the story developing between two protagonists living right next to each other in Hong Kong. Many argue it is a beautiful story of heart-wrenching love, however I believe it is a story of heart-wrenching loneliness.

The movie begins with these two neighbours moving into a tiny apartment.  They soon find out their spouses are cheating on them with each other.  Due to this, they feel dejected and alone. The set exemplifies their loneliness as both of them live next to each other in a small crowded and filled apartment and yet have no one to talk to. Paradoxically they feel so alienated in a place so filled with people.  The place has many couples, they even live right next to each other, but they are yet alone.  A scene which shows us how lonely they actually are is when Mrs. Chang almost never has dinner with them. She would rather walk out in the rain to get her food, then be with the people at her apartment.

The other aspects of design in the set also signify the desolate lives of the two protagonists. The set uses pathetic fallacy, as it is constructed to reflect the inner turmoil of the characters. The place is a sad, cordoned off, closed and tight apartment with no outlet or place to breathe. Just like that the two characters have their feelings bottled up tightly inside themselves, not allowing themselves to open up at all.  I’m not only referring to the feelings of abandonment and loneliness they are harbouring, but also the feelings of love they seem to be brewing for each other. The set gives the audience a feeling of claustrophobia, they are feeling, with everything just being kept inside them. Like there’s no space to breathe because it’s so stuffed with unsaid words and emotions.

Other than that the set also shows how they keep missing opportunities to be together. Even though they are right next to each other, they won’t be together because of pressing social norms. Their close apartments highlight the extremely cliched but true phrase of being so close but yet so far. This means even though they are emotionally close, they are not together and physically so far. I think that’s what makes this movie so lonely, because throughout the movie, the cuckold neighbours together develop feelings and relationships. They make each other happy but they are not allowed to spend time together. This is highlighted by the specific music that plays every time they are in love, or are thinking about each other. The instrumental music, is heart-breaking because it is soft, melodic and sets a mood of love, but contrastingly shows of the couple can never be together. It’s always the same music, the continuos repetition to show how they will always end up the same way, apart from each other. They would sacrifice companionship because of their moral standards. ‘They can’t be like their cheating spouses’, they keep saying. It’s sad to see how and what one would give up just to be morally correct.

Another factor contributing to the overall theme of loneliness, is the way this movie is shot. The movie seems to be short in lurking corridors, narrow alleyways and stuffy apartments. Also there are many close-ups and certain angles where it feels like someone is spying on the couple. When they are hiding out in Mr. Chow’s apartment, it feels like we are looking at what is happening from a hidden camera. It  adds to feeling that they might be doing something wrong. The fact that the Mr. Chow an Mrs. Chang are lonely comes across because of the idea of corridors, alleyways and long, empty spaces. It puts forward the idea that loneliness like the places the movie is shot in, is a long, winding road that seems to have to end. In the movie, a scene which highlights this is her endless amount of trips to the noodle shop. She walks down to the shop which is in a thin alleyway, and never has a trip to get noodles ever been sadder. She slowly walks down, the never ending steps to loneliness and noodles. Also when Mrs. Chang & Mr. Chow keep crossing when they go to buy these noodles, which shows how their paths not only on that day but in life will always be like this. They will always be parting their ways despite really being together.

Also the other character, Mr. Chow’s friend acts as a foil. He is everything that Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chang aren’t. He flouts the rules, he gambles, he is poor and also admits to being disloyal. However despite his flaws he is in fact content and happy, something none of the protagonists are. Devoid of following any social obligation he is happy and honest. In one scene it is ironic to see how he so easily admits to having a crush on the beautiful Mrs. Chang, where as Mr. Chow has much difficulty even acknowledging this fact. This friend is uncertain of his life, and its outcome but does everything and anything he wants. It is a stark contrast to what Mr. Chow is doing or in fact what he isn’t doing at all.

Also even at the closing scene of the movie, there is a conversation between these friends where they discuss how they deal with secrets. His friend shamelessly says he rids them of one way or another, or doesn’t have any. But Mr. Chow so full of sorrow and regrets has to go empty them into a hole in a tree. Then he fills it with mud and soil. Thus we see the difference between the two and also the difference in how they feel.

This movie, is an acquired taste, which gets much better after you think about it and see it again and again. It is a true representation of a story of love and loneliness. More often than we agree, this is the result of how two people’s lives end, when we have moral and social rules. Even though they were the victims, they couldn’t do what has been done to them. The fact yet remains that in acting, they started really feeling. Every movie shows us how love is everything and is easy to achieve, however this movie sheds light on the loneliness, loss, heart ache and the truth everyone faces.

Sense of Sight: Assignment 1 & 2

Assignment 1: Any other picture.

In this picture there is a girl standing and staring right at the view is smoking a cigarette. It is a black and white picture and the girl is placed in the center and seems to be the focus of the picture. There are other children in the background as well, but they have their backs turned. She is holding a cigarette in her hand rather flippantly and naturally. As if this is something she does everyday, a habit. However she is staring right at the camera and right into the viewers eyes. It’s not like she has been clicked without her knowledge, she know’s very well what’s going and and is standing there looking right at you. She is wearing a frock which makes us think she is quite young. Her tousled hair and searing expression make you think otherwise. She seems to be boring into your soul and as a viewer, instead of wondering why she as a child is smoking, you just seem to wonder why she is looking at you. Her sister turned around seems to be looking at the brother on the ladder, but that all seems secondary as it is quite blurred. The two girls in the center seem to be sisters, even though we see only one. It seems like the girl in the center is growing up, and is different from her siblings or the children in the background. She isn’t into playing and climbing trees anymore and that’s why isn’t looking back. The two children are facing the other way to signify how they aren’t like her, they are younger and like playing compared to smoking. This black and white image seems to be taken in a leafy forest with a grassy road that could be the backyard of the children’s house.

Five words associated:







Assignment 2: On an image of your own work.

This is an image which is completely filled with intricate symbols, motifs and patterns. The image is solely in black and white except for the maroon turtle at the left end of the page. This image is bordered with a certain geometric pattern and the inside is filled with floral motifs, lines, shapes and coloured potions. This image is a poster for the WWF, which can be indicated as their symbol is drawn on the top right corner. Also the word ‘SAVE’ in the middle is the only white space on this entire poster. Because of how full this image is there is no breathing space at all, each part of the page is occupied and completely drawn in. Because of the intricate details present in this poster it seems like it is made by using pens. It feels like it could be done on some kind of paper or even mount board. Either it’s made on ivory or cartridge paper. The poster seems to be made to create awareness about ‘Saving the Turtle’ as we know it’s a WWF poster.  But otherwise there is no distinction between the background and foreground at all, so both have equal importance. So without the panda associated with WWF, we wouldn’t know what’s being saved in the image as both are significant and the background that is supposed to support the turtle is overwhelming.

Five Words Associated with it: